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Quote by J.G.Ballard- Consumerism is the one thing that gives us our sense of values. Consumerism is honest, and teaches us that everything good has a barcode

Okay, you have applied for an ISBN and got it. Is that the same as the barcode?

ISBN vs Barcode 😕

Barcode is simply a machine-readable version of some information, in case of books the information being the ISBN and/or MRP, so the question of a difference between the two does not arise.

Remember that you need to apply for an ISBN from an agency first and then create the barcode by entering this number into the barcode generator. Random numbers that are entered into a barcode generator won’t provide a valid ISBN.

Having a barcode is a must if the book is going to physical bookstores since this makes it easier for sellers to identify it. For books sold primarily online i.e. eBooks, it doesn’t play much of a role, so it is up to the author whether they need to add a barcode or not.

The barcode is typically placed on the right-hand side of the back cover of a paperback or hardcover.

How Do You Generate your Barcode?

It’s easy. There are multiple free barcode generators online. The Free Barcode Generator | Cognex is easy to use.

Just select the ISBN Code category.

screengrab of ISBN option selection
Select ISBN option

Fill out the 13-digit ISBN.

screengrab of how to download barcode ater entering ISBN
Enter the ISBN and download the barcode

Generate your barcode!

Free Barcode Generator: Recommended or Not?



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