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While writing your fiction or non-fiction, you can often go down the research rabbit hole and uncover a whole lot of facts that can embellish your writing. But how do you keep track?

You can cut and paste tomes of material but after aย  point, you may wonder how to put it altogether. What’s the point of highlighting a whole lot of text you are later going to lose track of?

Weava offers a solution- you can highlight, organize and save your research.

How to Use Weava and What Does it Offer

It’s pretty simple. Just download the Chrome extension and voila!

You are now ready to:

  • Highlight not just content on a website but PDFs as well. There are multiple color options.
  • Annotate with notes
  • Review articles and their sources at one place
  • Organize research into folders
  • Access what you know
  • Collaborate and share
sample grab of weava dashboard
Weava dashboard
screengrab of highlighting options
Highlighting options at Weava

Recommended or not

Definitely! The free version is a great tool for students, researchers, professionals and writers. It allows you to save a lot of time when it comes to using your research material effectively, creating citations, and sharing your work.


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