Author Resource: How to Master Words with the Free Power Thesaurus 📘

A thesaurus as you know is not exactly a dictionary but a resource for word clusters, synonyms and antonyms.  Alexander Radyushin realized that a crowdsourced thesaurus made more sense in the internet age and created the Power Thesaurus.

What Makes the Power in Power Thesaurus?

  • The synonyms are suggested and rated.
  • This free service is quick to use and comprehensive.
  • Look out for great parts of speech filters.
  • Meanings are also provided.

How to Use Power Thesaurus- It’s Easy!

Pretty simple. Go to the website or download the app at PlayStore and type out the word you need synonyms for.

Screengrab of synonyms of dream on power thesaurus
Synonyms at Power Thesaurus

You can also look for antonyms, idioms or phrases:

Antonyms of dream at Power Thesaurus
Antonyms at Power Thesaurus

You can upvote or downvote a synonym, antonym, etc.

Upvote or Downvote functionality
Upvote or downvote?

Power Thesaurus: Recommended or Not?



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