Author Resource: Get Smart Audio Readings with Natural Reader 🎧

Text-to-speech applications are useful, especially in a world of excessive screen time.  Great for dyslexic learners, foreign language students and working professionals.

Writers can miss mistakes even after multiple edits. Reading out loud is a great way to pick up errors and that’s where an application like Natural Reader comes in.

How to Give your Documents a Voice with Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a fun and easy-to-use web application that converts text to audio so that you can listen to the sound of your words any time, anywhere. You can listen to the text in any accent (British or American) or language (including Spanish, Italian and Swedish)  that you want.

You can upload or drag and drop documents in multiple formats including PDF, DOC, RTF, EPUB, TXT.

Screengrab of Natural Reader page where you can drag and drop files to be read
Natural Reader- Drag and drop text here

Once you upload the text, you can choose the preferred accent, adjust the speed and convert the text to audio files.

Image of Kafka's Metamorphosis
Listen to the text being read in an accent of your choice

Recommended or Not?

Highly recommended. This application is free and is extremely user-friendly.  For instance, it ignores headers and footnotes, providing a seamless listening experience.


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