Author Resource: Get More Creative Mileage With Milanote 🗒️

Milanote is used by creatives to jot down notes, ideas, inspirations, outlines and descriptions in a visual board kind of format. It resembles Evernote but is more suited to the artistic sensibility.

Milanote is geared towards creators. You even have a writing app software. Since writing isn’t linear, Milanote is a fun way to organize plot, provide character descriptions and do some world-building

How to use Milanote and Why Writers Need it

It’s easy. Go to Milanote and start creating. It’s free!

Milanote Landing Page

Here’s how writers can use Milanote: Writing App – Creative Writing Software – Milanote

Milanote Writing Software
This is where the action begins
Character profile at Milanote
You can create detailed character profiles at Milanote

Story Outline at Milanote

You can outline your story before you start writing down your magnum opus!Good enough reasons to use this app! All the information that you need about your characters, plot and setting can be dragged and dropped in one space. This helps writers connect more to their ideas and plot effectively.

Recommended or Not?

Yes! Milanote is a favorite for creatives across the board. Check it out.


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Author Resource: Creative Bonanza for Free at Free Illustrations🎨

While writing a book/blog post or even while promoting a book/blog post on social media, you can not ignore the value of illustrated content. Visual impact is key in getting noticed and if you are in need of a quick drawing or two, there are several free illustration sites out there that help you get the kind of images that are relevant to your needs.

Free Illustrations is Fun to Use

Free Illustrations is a simple site to navigate. It’s a one-stop centre for a variety of illustration websites available online.

screengrab of freeillustations site where you can browse for different file types

Browsing through different available file typesAll you have to do is visit the website and pick from a wide range of illustrations, clipart, avatars, etc. Make sure to double check if acknowledgements need to be provided when using these illustrations.

You will have to visit the sites separately and sign in for free downloads.

If you are an illustrator and want to submit free illustrations, you can submit too!

Recommended or Not?

For sure!

Free illustration image


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