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The internet is a knowledge magnet but if you are a writer and you want some primary sources for your fiction or non-fiction research, a newspaper (even a local one) can spring up a lot of unexpected information. Especially for crime fiction and historical fiction writers, reading the newspapers of a specific period of time can help you trace the narrative arc of how events unfolded at that moment.

With Elephind you can browse through old newspapers and scour headlines to get a feel of the time, language and use of phrase, setting and general milieu or you can do a more specific keyword search to find out more about a specific event.

Four Solutions You Can Find With Elephind

  • Historical newspapers online at one place
  • Search engine with a focus on digitized newspapers
  • . Provides intimations to signed up readers whenever a new newspaper collection is added.
  • Conducts newspaper digitization projects for customers like Cornell, Princeton, the National Libraries of New Zealand and Singapore, etc.

How to Use Elephind

Browse newspaper publications.

screenshot of elephind historical newspaper archive
Search on Elephind

Search using keywords.

Search Results for Titanic on Elephind
Search Results for Titanic

Elephind: Recommended or Not?

Great resource for family historians, genealogists, and researchers.

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