Author Resource: Focus on Writing with FocusWriter 🔍

There are so many apps that help writers but ironically the internet also throws up an equal number of distractions. The screen is usually cluttered with tabs and endless notifications pop up, so how does a writer write? FocusWriter is a free open source writing program that can provide some freedom from mass distractions.

How to Use FocusWriter

Go to

Focus Writer
Focus Writer Versions available

Download the version of your choice.

You arrive on a blank screen with a themed background that you can customize.

screengrab of themed background on Focuswriter
Space dreams theme at Focus Writer

FocusWriter Features:

  • FocusWriter can be windowed or fullscreen
  •  Described as a ‘cross between text editor and a word processor‘.
  • Provides TXT, basic RTF, and basic ODT file support
  • Customizable background themes
  • Allows you to set time goals and decide the number of words in advance.
  • Option for typewriter sound effects

Recommended or Not?

Yes, if you want a free program that allows you to write with zero distractions. Not great for non-fiction write-ups that need graphics like images or tables. Ideal if you are looking to meet writing goals.


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