Author Resource: Use Freedom App for Distraction-free Writing Time 💂

We live in a world of excess. There is no shortage of apps and writing tools. What we really need is time to execute our projects. If we are perennially distracted by social media, how will we work-from-homers get the job done?

Freedom app is a website blocker. Since going down the internet rabbit hole is what writers end up doing, this is the app that could get them to write instead!

Five Benefits of the Freedom App

  • Focus on your goals and work towards them
  • Productivity
  • Control over what you do with your time
  • Block the internet when you are using your device
  • Choose what you want to block and schedule distraction-free times

How to Use the Freedom App- It’s Easy!

Download the app. It works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome. You can do the seven-use free trial and then go for the monthly, yearly or forever plan.

Screengrab of freedom app website blocker
What does the Freedom app block?

Freedom App: Recommended or Not?

For sure.


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