Author Resource: Master World Building Skills with Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

Every fantasy novel has a fair share of world-building and maps are a great way to showcase new worlds.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator (FMG) is a free opensource tool you can use to generate highly customizable fantasy maps, either auto-generated ones or your own design. There are options to change default settings and even to draw maps from scratch using the paint brush option,

How to Build your Map

screengrab of Fantasy Map Generator

  • Check out the auto-generated map.
  • Customize parameters or create a new map.
  • Fashion your map according to layers of your choice- be it political, cultural, religious, etc.
  • You can give the map its own unique style and look.
  • Save the file.
Screengrab from
Map designed at
Map at

Check out this excellent resource to understand more about this map generator.

Recommended or Not?

Using this resource requires some patience and skill. I found it difficult to design a map on my own so it’s not something you can do in a hurry- there are communities on Reddit and Discord who can help.

You don’t need to install it on your computer and it’s completely free, so if you have the time and the vision, go for it!


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