Author Resource: Editing like a Pro with ProWriting Aid 👓

There are a surprising number of grammar checkers that are available for budding as well as accomplished writers. ProWritingAid, based in London, is one such virtual writing assistant.

What kind of Grammar Perks does ProWriting Provide?

ProWriting Aid does a thorough grammar and spell-check of your manuscript. You are also alerted to repetitions.

The paid version is relatively cheaper than other grammar check apps.

The readability of your writing is evaluated according to the Flesch Reading Score.

The app is Scrivener friendly.

How to Use ProWriting Aid- It’s Easy!

ProWriting Aid can be used across the board on MS Word/Outlook, Google Docs and Scrivener. You can download a desktop app or install a plugin for Mac and Windows.

The free version only looks at the first 500 words of the text.

You can upload the document or add the text to the web editor.

screengrab of text entered at ProWriting Aid
Upload text and discover how you write!

Every document is scored based on grammar, spelling and style. Comprehensive reports are provided.

Screengrab of document scores given byProwriting Aid
The overall score

You also learn about your own writing better by breaking down your manuscript based not just on word count but also on sentence and paragraph count, vocabulary and word families are also scrutinized.

Screengrab of document statistics including word count, number of sentences, paragraphs and spaces, as well as vocabulary
Know your document with ProWriting Aid
Graphical representation of sentence length and measurement of style
Measure your writing style quotient

Editing with ProWriting- Recommended or Not?

Definitely worth a try as you get to see your writing in a new light and also worth considering the paid version. Also, ProWriting Aid is the most affordable grammar assistant available, though not the fastest spellchecker.