Pothi.com for publishers

Pothi.com provides Print on Demand (POD) for books. This is the digital printing technology in which the cost of book printing does not depend on the quantity. Therefore, even one book can be produced at a time. This opens up new avenues for the publishers.

How can publishers use Pothi.com's POD service?

  • Test market a new book: Print limited copies of a new book to gauge the market and take initial feedback before investing in large print runs.
  • Print personalized copies for Marketing: Personalize all the copies you print for sending to reviewers, early readers and others with their name and special message printed on the book. With Print on Demand it is possible for each copy to be different. This would do wonders for generating buzz and curiosity around the book. Personalized copies can also be offered on a premium later on.
  • Create customized books: Do you have content which can be mixed and matched in different ways to create different books for specific audience? Offer your content in a customized fashion to your readers using print on demand.
  • Reduce investment in Printing for niche books: With Print on Demand you can produce 1 copy, 50 copies or 100 copies as needed. There are no requirements of minimum print runs. So, if you publish books in niche categories, which will have a selective small audience, Print on Demand is your solution
  • Do short run reprints: If you have run out of the printed copies of a book and the demand over next one year is going to be of only 100 copies, the book does not have to go out of print. You can print 100 or even one copy now.
  • Offer print version of online content: If you are primarily an online publisher, then by using Print on Demand, you can offer print copies to the interested audience without any upfront investment in printing or worrying about the logistics of managing inventory.

What can Pothi.com do for publishers?

  • Maintaining your print ready files: Pothi.com will store and maintain your print ready copies at its end for free. After that, ordering copies in any number, whenever you need is just a click from your Pothi.com account.
  • Shipping directly to end-customer/distributor: You can have the copies shipped to the distributor or end customers directly. You do not have to deal with receiving, stocking and distributing the copies.
  • Optional listing on Pothi.com's online store: You can choose to have the copies printed only when you order it or you can choose to list the books on Pothi.com's online store too. The service is free in either case.
  • Helping in preparing the Print Ready files: If you do not have print ready pdfs for your book, Pothi.com can provide various paid services to help make your book print ready.

How to use Pothi.com's Print on Demand Service?

  • If you have your content as print ready pdfs for the interior and cover of your book and you need to set up one off books, submit that through the "Submit Book" form. We'll process it and get back to you within 1-2 working days.
  • If the content is print ready and you have multiple books to submit due to which it is tedious to use the form again and again, contact us and we'll give you an account to upload the books in one go.
  • If you need help in making the content print ready contact us with details about which format the book is available in (e.g. only print or QuarkXPress or Indesign etc.). Depending on the state of the content, this service will be chargeable.