Valentine's Day Contest: Love Knows No Bounds

Love knows no bounds


Cash prize of Rs. 2000 each from for up to two winning entries.

For ages, people have weaved magical stories around love. Like the love in real life, these come in all colors, hues and shades. It is said that love knows no bounds. It finds its way in face of great obstacles. The question is, can your love story do the same?

Here is what you have to do. Write a short love story (<2500 words), where all the following five elements play a role

  1. Pigeon (Bird)
  2. Mobile Phone (Object)
  3. Nagpur (City)
  4. “A Tale of Two Cities” (Book)
  5. Nehru (Person - Historical)

Yes! We have constrained your writing, put a few bounds on the love story. And you have to prove that despite our attempts to put bounds, Love Knows No Bounds! So, write away and create wonderful love stories.

What does “playing a role” mean is up to your imagination. Surprise us and our judges with your story!


  1. Submit your entry here. You will need to submit the following
    • Your name and e-mail id
    • The Story (as a file in one of these formats: doc, docx, rtf, odt, sxw, odf)
    • Please DO NOT submit the entries by e-mail or any other method. They will not be considered. Use the submission form on the website.

  2. We will do an initial screening as the entries are received and the filtered ones will be posted on our blog at
  3. All the entries received until February 10, 2012 will be considered for the competition. Although we may post entries received even after that on the blog, if we find them interesting.
  4. The result will be announced on February 14, 2012 (Valentine’s Day)

Judging Criteria

  • How good is the story telling?
  • How well the five elements have been incorporated in the story?
  • How good and suitable is the language?

Language of Entries

Entries in English, Hindi and Hinglish are invited. For those writing in Hindi, please type in a Unicode font. You can use tools like Google Transliteration for typing Hindi.

The fine Prints

  • You keep the copyright for the submitted entries. You can publish it elsewhere and do anything with it that you like.
  • By submitting the entry, you grant the perpetual license to use the content (as it is, edited, converted or translated) in any medium for non-commercial or commercial activities.


Queries can be sent to Please do not send entries by e-mail though. They will not be considered. Entries to the competition must be submitted online.