Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Ethan

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Neelam Chandra.

The letter is addressed to Ethan (from movie Guzaarish). Ethan is a paraplegic who files mercy petition for Euthanasia. He had been a famous magician once upon a time.

This letter is being written at a stage when he has just filed his petition for euthanasia.

The Letter

Ethan, I love you. I think you are going to have a hearty laugh as I bare out my heart in front of you. But I just can’t help it. Love is like this only – pure, naive and simple. It does not understand any boundaries.

Ethan, you may think that I am someone from your past – just like Estella. But I am not. Neither do I love you for being a famous magician. That simply does not matter. I love you for your zest for life. I love you for your enthusiasm. I love you because you make so many people smile. And I think bringing a smile on someone’s lips is one of the most wonderful tasks which a living mortal can execute.

Ethan, I have been hearing you on Radio Zindagi since quite some time. I still remember how it all started. One of my friends had had a heart break. Her whole world seemed to have come tumbling down. She had been going steady with this boy friend of hers since more than five years. One day he simply came and told her, “Sona, I must apologize to you. I do not love you, but love your colleague instead.” She was heartbroken and felt that life was not worth living. She had taken out a razor and had thought of cutting her veins. Suddenly, she heard your programme on Radio Zindagi and connected to you. You not only made her ward off such thoughts; you also made her live her life to the fullest. She was the one who had introduced your program to me and since then I have been listening to all your programmes.
I sometimes feel that this nurse of yours, Sophie, is in love with you too and my heart is pink with envy. I think you belong to me exclusively and I am not able to bear the thought that you spend most of her time with her. I feel a strange chemistry between you two, even on the radio. That hurts me. Ethan, you belong to me. Please, please don’t love anyone else.

You may ask me what I shall get from you. After all you are a paraplegic. But do we love someone only for the sake of getting something? Can someone not love a person just like that? I don’t want anything from you. Nothing interests me so much as your thought, your contemplation and your reflection. May be, it is a platonic love!

Ethan, it is true that I have not met you as yet. I had seen you speed by in a car through my window when you were going to the court for your petition of euthanasia. I don’t know how I missed meeting you. Had I known, I would have asked someone to carry me to the court.

Coming to your petition of euthanasia, I don’t think I agree with you. With so many loving friends around you, you should not do it. How heartbroken will they be? I can understand your pain. I know the aches, anguish and agony you have to go through. But your suicide (I call it so) will have a sad, lingering and cascading effect on many of your fans like me. Did I mention I am also a paraplegic like you? I think not. Ethan, I do not even have someone like Sophie to take care of me. It is a struggle at every step for me and my mother who is eighty years old now. But then, one has to live on. After all, if there is life, there has to be some mission.

Ethan, you were the one who used to give me the zeal and enthusiasm to carry on. But don’t worry. The zest for life which you have got imbedded in me shall stay even if you leave this earth. I shall continue to live and be a support for the hundreds of paraplegic persons by writing for them. (I think I told you that I am a writer). After all, the ardour and passion to live begun by you has to continue. I love you Ethan for imparting me that fervour.

End of the letter

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3 thoughts on “Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Ethan”

  1. the letter is good. but euthanesia is not law.noone has right to kill himself.author has shown pity but not love.sympathy is not love. she has confused that sympathy is love.not so good.

  2. Wonderful letter! I believe life is a gift of God, and nobody has a right to take it. Euthanasia rejects life, and therefore the giver too. Kudos to you, Neelam, for expressing yourself so well!

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