Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Scarlett O’Hara

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The letter is addressed to Scarlett O’Hara, the protagonist of “Gone With the Wind”.

The Letter

Dear Scarlet O’Hara,

I do not mind sharing with you that I have had my share of women in the 22 years of life I have lived. I mean, I had few crushes, few had a crush on me, I proposed some, some proposed me, some rejected me, I rejected some. But none of them was as fascinating, charming, real or practical as you.

Scarlet, apart from your obvious charm, I like the way you conduct your whole life, like a businesswoman, a very hard headed corporate executive. You are indifferent to the usual mundaneness of life. You are nonchalant in a very turbulent, troubled way. You get bored at parties. But why do have to contemplate whether to belch or not in a party? Considering the woman you are, why do you give a shit anyway?

I would admit that I am fascinated by not only the coquettish girl you are, but also by the character you’ve gradually evolved into as your life progressed. Do I want to marry you? Hell, no. You would leave me if you get another good business proposition. And you know what; I would also do the same. So, you see, we are not apposite for each other. So let’s keep it simple. I have a crush on you, kind of a little crush kids have in school. And we will leave matters at that.

Well, I am also mesmerized how you could twist, bend, and modify yourself to protect your dear ones. I mean you do not have an agenda except for saving your own life and that of your dear ones. And you are ready to pay whatever price it takes. How much more practical one can get? Much appreciated.

But when you are this practical, why don’t you admit that you are a straightforward business minded woman? Why disguise? Why hide who you are? Why trick gullible men? You could have them anyway with your charm and wits? That way, you are little twisted. And that’s the only thing I do not like about you.

It’s pretty amazing to observe how fast you got translated from me pretty little girl to a woman who shoulders family responsibilities. In a strange way, the way you change yourself reminds me of the speed of Mumbai local. Come to Mumbai sometime, Scarlet. You would love this amazingly electric city. This city is made for people like you. This city is full of people who are driven by absolute self interest, people who have never seen face of self-denial, people who make hard choices knowing the consequences, never regretting the past however bitter the past might be, and arrogantly audacious for the future; like you are. They are kind of narcissist like you, you know. Let me know when you are around. We can go for a drink or something. I hear you like premium scotch.

Thanks and regards,
Prasad Mahajan

P.S.: Frankly, my dear, I do not give a damn if you do not reply to this letter.

End of the letter

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