Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Lucy Mannette

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The letter is addressed to Lucy Mannette from “A Tale of Two Cities”.

The Letter

Dear Lucy,

Just wanted to let you know that I have never come across somebody as sweet as you from all the stories that I’ve heard or read. When I first read about you, I was struck by your innocent charm and soft and kind demeanor. You remind me of Snowhite, Cindrella, and Rapunzel. When you wept for Charles when he was sentenced to die, I empathized with you. I could almost feel the pain that you felt as you sat helplessly on the park bench and sobbed uncontrollably for the inevitable. Your persona mesmerized Carton so much that he gave his very life for you, his one and only true love. I loved Carton’s intense love for you that made him attain nobility by sacrificing his life. Lucy, the aura of your love captivated somebody to such as extent that he could even give his life for you. I simply adore you for that. It goes without saying and there are no two ways about it that I am truly, sincerely, and most deeply in love with you. All I want to ask for this Valentine’s Day is for you to make my day. Will you be my Valentine?

With Love,

End of the Letter

About the character: The fictional character to whom this love letter is being written is Lucy Mannette, the beautiful daughter of Dr. Mannette from the literature classic, A Tale of Two Cities. Lucy is the quintessential English beauty, a fine young lady who has a heart of gold. She is the object of desire of two fine suitors, Charles Darnay, an aristocratic, and Sidney Carton, an English Lawyer. Lucy evokes great sympathy when her husband Charles Darnay is falsely implicated and sentenced to die. She also inspires the other hero, Sidney Carton, who gives the supreme sacrifice by taking Charles’s place and giving his life for their happiness. She embodies the feeling of intense love in her beautiful, innocent, and tender character.

Name of the book and an overview of the story: A Tale of Two Cities is a classic by Charles Dickens in English literature. The story is set in the 16th Century France in the backdrop of the French revolution. It revolves around the two cites, France and London. Charles Darnay belongs to the aristocratic family of Everemonde. He falls in love with Lucy, the beautiful daughter of Dr. Mannete. However, Charles is implicated in a false trial when he visits France from London. Just at the time, the revolution begins and Charles is sentenced to die on the guillotine. Then comes the most intense and noble character of Sidney Carton, who is an eminent English Lawyer. Sidney too had been attracted to Lucy but before he could have professed his undying love for her, she had got married to Charles. Sidney Carton bears a close resemblance to Charles Darnay and he takes up Charles’s case. The only way he can save Charles is by taking his place and going to the guillotine. After seeing the sad and despairing Lucy, he decides to sacrifice his life for his true love and cleverly takes the place of her husband Charles in the Bastilles, the castle prison. He gives his life for her and goes to the guillotine in the place of Charles Darnay. A true tale of love, sacrifice, and nobility.

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