Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Reena

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Abhinav Anil.

The letter is addressed to Reena, the character played by Diya Mirza in the movie “Rahna hai tere dil mein”.

The Letter

dearest reena,
it’s been 9 years since i first saw you on the screen,but alas,if ever the old age adage of ‘love at first sight’ were to come true,it was at that very moment.the girl i had seen in my dreams,the girl every guy prays for,was in front of me,on the screen.the smile,the eyes,the pretty locks,even the silliest mannerisms…it all was a part of my dream girl.that perfect pout could make the most hardened criminals,go weak in their knees;those expressive eyes which spoke a million words;the innocence which belied a little girl hidden inside the adult physicality of yours-it was all well integrated,to create the ‘sculpted by god’ persona of yours.who was i to not get attracted??heck,attraction is the smallest possible word that can be used to describe the passion which was ignited in my teenaged mind.to me you became the epitome of an ideal girl-whenever i came across a pretty lass,the first thought in my mind was,how would she compare upto reena??the scene where you gorge on street golgappas,made me sit up,and watch in disbelief-can anybody in this world and age,or rather can a mortal,exude such innocence??my mouth gaped in awe as i saw a fairy sing ‘roothega na mujhse…zara zara mehekta hai’!!i closed my eyes with you in the scene where maddy is about to kiss you,for,to me,you represented an ethereal creation of the almighty,who might get spoiled even on touching,who needs to be treated with the ultimate care & delicate handling.i was enraged when maddy made you wait for a date,i would rather be the gatekeeper,roll out the red carpet for my love,rather than make her wait for me.to me,he committed a sin no lesser than the devil!!i cried when i saw saddened by the turn of events which made you realize that maddy was lying to you;heck,watching my beloved broken hearted,was the last thing i could withstand on this earth.i yelled at myself for my helplessness at doing nothing to mend my sweetheart’s heart.my heart cried when in the end maddy convinces you to be with him forever;which lover would cherish a scene like this??but then,you were happy,and that’s what mattered to me most,more than my own misery,the pain of never seeing you again,the agony of losing you,the uncountable number of nights where i woke up in horror on reliving the final scene in my dreams,the hours spent watching in silence,as i found out,something important was missing from my life.well ultimately as i found out,it was my ‘life’ itself which was missing from my life!!i have spent these 9 years missing you every moment,thinking of the pretty smile that would appear on your face as i cracked an innocuous joke,your sadness on listening to my hardships,the blush on your eternally pretty face as i praised you…well all that was never to be.but don’t mistake me;i don’t regret making you a part of my life.it was the best experience of love,as they call it,that could have ever happened to me,and i shall forever be greatful to my lord for it.an imaginary love relationship with you,is a million times better than a succesful,life long one with any other person;i can bet my life over it.now that i have an opportunity to correspond to you through this medium,i wished to express some of my uncountable emotions of affection for you.alas,words may not be left in the english vocabulary to do so,hence i may end this letter right here itself,with a few lines of poetry as my parting shot.lovers wish for their beloved to live forever,i would rather pray for your death,so as you maybe reborn faster,and hopefully i may have the honour of being your partner this time around.adieu,my lady…

Just a moment ago
My mind went to where my heart is
Looking at your photo I thought…
If you are a piece of god’s creation,
He must be a fine artiste
All the memories of yours
Which used to be my lifeline
Came back to haunt me
Of the gone by time
When my days started with your thoughts
& nights ended with your giggles
When you used to worry about
The smallest of my niggles
When to just have a glance at you
I would risk my all
When I could defy even the almighty
At just your one call
Just as I refresh my memories
The heavens open up
May be it’s god’s own style
Of waking me up
From my walk down the memory lane
I experience the same old pain
As I say once again,”good bye,sweety”
& I pretend to forget you my love,my deity…


End of the letter

About the character: Reena is portrayed as very pretty,simple,conventional indian girl;who is tricked into love by madhav shastri(R MADHAVAN),who is besotted by her after seeing her at a wedding.reena is getting engaged to an NRI boy(SAIF ALI KHAN),and is heart broken when she gets to know of the bluff by maddy..but ultimately falls for his simplicity,& honesty.

How did you like Abhinav’s emotional, flowery declaration of love? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Reena”

  1. the poem just touched the inner cordons of my heart ! the expressions are raw and it feels as if reena was your real rather than reel love .. amazingly rendered write brother !

  2. the poem just touched the inner cordons of my heart ! the expressions are raw and it feels as if reena was your real rather than reel love .. amazingly rendered write brother !

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