Entry to WYL Contest: Letter to Sherlock Holmes

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Priyanka Das.

The letter is addressed to Sherlock Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr. in the movie by the same name.

The Letter

Sherlock, my Sweetheart,

What a life???? Waiting for eternity to hug you, to feel your warm breath on my lips, to seek the warmth of your strong hands.

But alas, you are nowhere near. Pining and pining, and, craving, for you. What a life!!!!

Why is life so cruel, so unfair for lovers? How I yearn so much to see you in person, to sit beside you and feel the soft comfort of silence with you. Will my dream ever come true?? Will you be ever kind enough to give me a rendezvous?

Oh! How I would trade everything I have to meet you.

Mad. Lunatic. Out of the mind. Crazy. Love-struck. Obsessed. Possessed. Call me anything. Give me any name, I will be flattered. Yes, I am mad for you. The thought of not being able to meet you, makes me lunatic. From the day I saw you, I am completely out of my mind. My love for you has crossed all levels of craziness. Every time I see you I am love struck all over again. You have possessed me, my love!!! See what have you done to me. And I can’t even blame you as I love you too much for that.

The other day I was watching your movie. You were phenomenal. What screen presence!!! Walking, talking, fighting, emoting, everything with easy perfection and terrific charisma. I saw and I saw…. The time stood still. Nothing else seemed to matter. Pure ecstasy, pure awareness, pure pleasure. But suddenly everything seemed dark. A terrible pain rose in my heart. Pain of not being able to meet you in my life, pain of not being able to touch you ever. My heart parched and my eyes flowed with water for you. What an irony??

I know you would never be mine but the thought keeps haunting me every moment, in every breathe I take. This love, this incurable passion will spread throughout my mind, body and lastly my soul. How strangely, the elixir of love is engulfing me like slow poison. I’ll live and die with this, my love..!!!

Let my suffering be “the labour of my love”….


End of the Letter

How did you find Priyanka’s passionate love letter? 🙂

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