Entry to WYL Contest: Letter to Scarlett O’Hara

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Victor Jasti.

The letter is addressed to Scarlett O’Hara, the heroine of the novel Gone with the Wind.

The Letter

My Dear Scarlett,

From the time I decided to write to you, my pounding heart made it difficult to hold my pen steadily. It took a long time to mellow down the throbbing heart, and it did after the Sun went down and the Moon appeared. Then the very thought that you are going to read this note made my knees buckle, that I had to hold on to the table, lest I stumble.

Scarlett I write this to tell you that I love you. To let you know that I love your looks; that mesmerizing look which tells me that you are also in love with me.

Those deep light green eyes, makes my dreams so beautiful, so exciting, that I would like to keep on sleeping, so as not to burst the dream bubble. My mouth goes dry, at the very thought that those lovely eyes of yours gaze upon me, as you talk to me.

Your laughter, that effervescent laughter reverberates in my ears, days after I had met you. Those around me, who know me, know that I am in love with you, when thy see me smiling to myself. Those around me know that I am hopelessly in love with you, as I gaze up the sky and walk around aimlessly, waiting for that note of yours, telling me that you would like to meet me.

Scarlett, my dream come true, you are the one whom I love you most. How I wish I can spend more time with you, so that I can breathe the same air you breathe, hear your voice, as you whisper charming love notes, and smell the sweet smell of lavender as I caress the smoothness of your hand with my lips.



End of the Letter

About the Character: Scarlett O’Hara is the beautiful and ruthless woman, the very epitome of any man’s dream. She fought to be with her man, fought alongside men, competing with them so that she can have food on her table, and not go hungry anymore. She is the heroine of the novel Gone with the Wind.

How did you like Victor’s expression of love for this ruthless, attractive woman? 🙂

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