Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Nirjala

Here is the entry from Mohit Ghildiyal for Write Your Love Contest

The letter is addressed to Nirjala, a character from the movie “Tere Naam”.

The Letter

My dear Nirjala,
“Beauty lies in simplicity”, a perfect of example of this phrase is you. “Love is worship”, a perfect example of this of this phrase will be me, if you accept my love. Nirjala you are a challenge for present generation modern girls on whose dictionary meaning of love start from calling a person honey and ends in his money. The way you worship your deity, i will worship you and that too with same devotion and care. You believe in a word called pure heart and this word meaning are enclosed in my heart.
I do not find “fight” a meaning full action but for you I can even single handily go for the war with Greek Spartans. I love my life, I also love you but if there is the option I can sacrifice first option for you. May be i will not be able to provide you all the luxuries’ of the world but I sure I in the name of god that with me you will be the happiest on the earth.
Sorry to mention you as a deity,
But you are close to that.
My heart suffers from severe anxiety,
But I will not force you for that.
I believe in word called true love, I believe in word called unconditional love,
One or the other day you will feel this sweet pain of real love.
Cupid arrow had struck deep inside my heart,
This had made me mad about you, my life.
Taking help of dear cupid is not what I think,
My love will become sharper than the arrow of cupid.
I will give you all the option in this world; I will give you all the time in this world,
But think before you speak, as it’s a matter of our love.

Yours and only yours,

End of the letter

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