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And the winners are…


Judge’s notes for the selected letters

I loved the way Neelam tried to understand the character. Her letter spoke of exactly why she was in love with him and the impact he had on her life. The writing style could improve but it was keenly felt and heartwarming to read. It put the character in a broader perspective and I also liked the way in which she engaged with larger debates through her letter. The writer did a fine job of evoking emotion without sounding maudlin. It was life-affirming, just the way love is supposed to be!

Prasad’s letter was a complete contrast in so many ways but it was equally interesting to read. He showed a real understanding of the character and loved her precisely because of who she was. She was not merely a vehicle for his love. He related her to his reality and made Scarlet come alive for me in a very real, contemporary sense. The letter also re-evaluated traditional definitions of love and I also enjoyed the note of sheer fun that ran through it. The letter’s insouciant tone was charming and I loved his postscript!

Congratulations to the winners!

You will receive an e-mail from us regarding your prize soon.

The entries we received represented many different ways in which people love their fictional sweethearts! Some were emotional, others were funny, some rational and some rebels. Love has no one definition, rather it has different definitions for different people. The contest did not judge the love, but only the love letters. Some people win contests, some lose. But love always wins hearts!

Okay – enough of philosophizing :). We absolutely enjoyed organizing this contest and had fun going through all the entries. We thank the participants, people who wrote comments encouraging the writers and our judge Maitrayee Roychoudhury for making the contest successful and fun. We hope you enjoyed being a part of it and will participate in the future events organized by


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  2. Congratulations to the Winners of the WYL Contest and a Big Thank You to for hosting the event. It was fun to participate in the contest as well as to go through the different forms of expressing love. That was a real good contest.

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