Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking Sales and Royalty

When a book is sold (paid for and shipped) on, the author's earning gets added to the balance in the author's account. This can be tracked on the Author Dashboard.

For authors receiving remittance within India, if the balance at the end of the month is Rs. 200 or more, it is transferred to the author by the 15th of the next month. If the balance in the account of author is less than Rs. 200, but greater than Rs. 100, the transfer takes place at the end of the quarter. For earnings of less than Rs. 100, you can ask for the amount to be remitted to you by writing to us at This request can be made only if the royalties remain unchanged, and below Rs. 100, for three months.

For authors receiving remittance outside India, the transfer is done if the balance at the end of the month is Rs. 1000 or more.

Any applicable TDS will be deducted from the earnings. To ensure that you receive the TDS certificate for such deductions, which can be adjusted against your income tax while filing returns, make sure you have entered the correct PAN details in your remittance information.

You should ensure that your remittance information is updated and correct on the author dashboard in order to receive your payments on time. If a payment goes to the wrong account or is reverted because of incorrect remittance information, will not be responsible for re-transfer.