Frequently Asked Questions

Sales, Marketing and Distribution (General)

When you are self-publishing, marketing the book is your responsibility. The number of copies you sell will depend solely on how successful you are at marketing the book. As an open platform, we cannot guarantee any sales.

Before answering the question, we should be clear about the difference between "marketing" and "distribution". Marketing consists of activities that create the demand for books, while distribution ensures that the demand can be fulfilled through retailers.

As an open platform, which does not vet the books, cannot take the responsibility of marketing your books. As a self-publisher that remains your responsibility.

However, we do provide distribution support for print books, through which books can be made available on online retailers like Flipkart and You can check out our extended online distribution service. Even without opting for this service, the books can be sold through's online store.

You can also share your contact details for publicity opportunities from your author dashboard. We use these when journalists contact us for stories and want to speak to the authors.

No. Pre-ordering option is not currently available at