Frequently Asked Questions

Cover Design Wizard

Cover Design Wizard is a tool that allows you to design a simple cover for your book so that you do not have to worry about specifications.

Cover design wizard does not currently support the following options:

  • Landscape Orientation
  • Custom Page Sizes

Except for the above, all other options are supported in the cover designer including eBooks, Indian Languages and Hard Cover books.

Please note that for print book you should design your final cover only after your interior file is finally formatted so that you know the right page size and exact number of pages in your book. After that go to the Cover Design Wizard.

  • On the "Setup" Tab, select the number of pages, page size and Binding type correctly. If you are creating the cover for an eBook, select the option here.
  • Click on "Select the Theme" and select a theme you want to work with.
  • Click on "Front" Tab. This will update the preview. Wait for it to get updated.
  • On The Title, Subtitle and Author Tabs, enter the relevant details. Update the Preview and if needed adjust the font and its size.
  • For print book, repeat the same with Back and Spine Tabs. If number of pages is too low, the spine tab will be disabled because we can not print text on too thin a spine.
  • If needed, move between the tabs to change settings.
  • Click on "Update Preview" to see the effect of changes when needed.
  • After you are satisfied with the Cover in the Preview, click on "Download Final Cover" to download the Cover File.
  • For print book submit this cover file along with the interior and other information while publishing your book. In case of eBook include it as the first page of your eBook before submitting.

You can experiment with it. But you should design you final cover only after you know the page size and exact number of pages in your interior file.

Check the following:

  • Are the production options of your books supported in Cover Design Wizard? Check this FAQ to see what all options are supported. Landscape orientation, hard cover binding and certain page sizes are not supported in the Cover Design Wizard. You will need to create a cover from scratch according to our specifications. Or opt for our cover design service.
  • If the production options are supported, you may have selected the wrong size or entered the wrong number of pages in the wizard. Make sure you enter them correctly and re-download the cover file for submission.