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Publishing at

If you get a traditional publisher and are comfortable with their terms and working with them, then there is no reason to publish through If, however, you do decide to self-publish, provides you with a print-on-demand backed platform, which you can use to publish for free and without upfront investment. If you need help in preparing the book, paid services are also available. You can also distribute your book through major online retailers like Flipkart and Amzon using extended online distribution service.

You can publish a print book or eBook (or both) on Print and eBook versions are, however, different products and the process of creating files and publishing them is different. Check out the individual processes at these links:

There is no upfront cost of publishing through, if you prepare the files according to our specifications. If you need help in editing or designing your book you pay for the individual services you choose to avail from us.

In case of print book, if you want copies for yourself, then you need to pay the special author price and shipping cost for the copies you order. You can estimate the author price at our price and royalty calculator.

Yes, if you prepare your files according to our specifications. Only if you avail any services for file preparation or extended distribution do you have to pay individually for the services you choose to avail. They are not mandatory to avail from us. In case of print book, if you order copies for yourself, then you have to pay their author price and shipping cost. is not a publisher. It is an open platform for anyone to use. So, there is no question of us "considering" any book for publication. We do not have any restrictions on the content or topic of the book, except that it should not violate the law of the land. This means content banned by law or that which violates somebody's copyright or for which you do not have publishing rights for any reason should not be submitted. Otherwise, please feel free to go ahead, prepare your book for publication and submit it.

We do not evaluate manuscripts. Remember, is not the publisher; you are. We are only providing a platform to enable people to self-publish. So, we do not give any judgment on the manuscripts submitted. If your manuscript is ready from your side, go ahead and submit it.

Yes. You retain all the rights to your content when you publish through So, you can do whatever you want with it. has no objections to these at all. You should, however, check the terms of the other places you are putting content on to ensure that they also allow this non-exclusivity— check whether their terms stop you from publishing your book through Ensuring compliance with the terms of other parties you might be dealing with is solely your responsibility.

Yes, you do.

We do not provide phone support. Please send us your queries through the Contact Form on the website or write an e-mail to earns a share of the profit on the books sold through its own store and its distribution partners.

At this stage, we do not facilitate anthology publishing. A print book must have at least 12 pages, and an eBook must have at least 10 pages. If your content falls short of that, it can not be publishing on The platform is optimized for full-length books.

No, does not provide ISBN. You do not need an ISBN to publish or distribute with us. However, if you do want to get an ISBN, getting it is free in India. Details are available in this article.

This is the amount you earn on the sale of each copy of your book. All these terms (margin/author earning/royalty) are used interchangeably at

Sorry! We don't have a price negotiation department. We give our best prices in one go and do not negotiate further.

In case of e-books, you can gift it to your friends and family by emailing a copy to them, but in this case file will not have the watermarked email of the user you are sending the book to. You should send your eBook only to the people you trust not to pirate the book.

Login to your account, click on your username at the top-right, then click on "Dashboard" to go to your author dashboard. There

  • For POD books: Go to "My Print Books (POD)".
  • For eBooks: Go to "My eBooks"
  • For pre-printed books: Go to "My pre-printed books"

You will find a list of all your books with their SKU numbers.

No. We currently do not provide typing services. Your book must be already typed for it to be published through

Yes. Check out our paid Formatting Services.

Yes. Check out our paid Cover Design Services.