Frequently Asked Questions

Price and Royalty Calculator

Make sure your book is formatted and you know the page size, number of pages as well as other production details of your book.

Go to "For Distribution" tab on Price and Royalty Calculator. Fill in the production details and click "Calculate".

A table will appear on the right side of the form. Note the following in the table

  • A field for Chosen MRP.
  • A table with following columns
    • Distribution Plan: This field is important because your minimum MRP and royalty depend on the distribution plan your book is in. If you do not for Extended Online Distribution, "None" option is applicable to you. In this case the book sells only through's store and not through any other distribution partners.
    • Min MRP: This is the minimum price you can set for your book. It depends on the physical specifications of the book and the distribution plan you have chosen.
    • Chosen MRP: This shows the MRP you have chosen in the field at the top of the table. The royalty you earn depends on the MRP you choose, the physical specifications of your book and the distribution plan you are on.
    • Royalty from Sales: When your book is sold on's online store, this is the royalty you earn on your book.
    • Royalty from Distribution Sales: When your book sold on other stores like Flipkart or, then this is the royalty you earn on your book. If you do not opt for Extended Online Distribution, then this field is not applicable.

When you click "Calculate", an MRP above the minimum MRP across all distribution plans is automatically filled in the "Chosen MRP" field. You can choose it to the MRP of your choices and check the royalty columns to see the royalty you will earn in different distribution plans. You can choose an MRP depending on the distribution plan you intend to opt for and the royalty you would want to earn.