Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing at (Print)

Your royalties depend on the MRP you have set for your book and the physical specifications of the book. You set the MRP while publishing your book, in accordance with the minimum MRP (printing cost) applicable to your book. If the book is sold on, the printing cost is subtracted from the MRP and 50% of the profit goes to you as royalty. The remaining 50% goes to

If the book is in distribution, and the sale happens through distribution partners, then the distribution margin also needs to subtracted from the MRP along with the printing cost. The remaining profit is divided in the ratio of 80:20, where 80% goes to you as royalty and 20% to

If the book is in distribution, and the sale happens through, free shipping will be available within India. In this case, the author will receive the same royalty as in the case of the book being sold though our distribution partners. 

For example, say you are receiving Rs. 40 as royalty for sales on and Rs. 15 as the distribution royalty. For any domestic sale on store, where the buyer for free shipping, you will earn Rs. 15 as your royalty and not the usual Rs. 40.

For international orders, free shipping will not be available and the author will receive regular royalty.

As your book sells, the earning accrues to your account and is paid out periodically. You can estimate your royalty at different MRPs for your book using our Price and Royalty Calculator ("For Distribution" tab).