Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing at (Print)

Case 1: Your book is not in Distribution

If your book is not in distribution, you can update it anytime. To do so, please go to your Author Dashboard. Then click on "My Print Books (POD)".

If you want to update only the Price or Metadata of the book, in the "Update" column, click on "Metadata/MRP". If you (also) want to update the files or production options, then click on "Files".

If there are changes in Price or Files or Production Options, please wait until you have received an e-mail confirming the approval of changes, before you order any copies. Until this approval, the book is not updated.

Case 2: Your book is in Distribution

Production option changes are not allowed once the book is in distribution.

If there are minor updates to the book files, which do not change the number of pages or page size or other production options, then you can update it by following the steps in Case 1. Please note that for books in distribution there might be copies in inventory. The updates will reflect in copies printed only after the inventory copies are sold out.

For MRP changes, please contact us with your book's SKU number. Please make sure that the new MRP you want is feasible under your distribution plan.