Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing at (eBook)

To update your eBook, log into your account and go to your "Author Dashboard". Click on the "My eBooks" button. You will be able to see all your eBook projects here. Click on the "Update" button for the eBook you want to update.

Once you start an update, you can work on it in multiple sessions. You will find Resume and Discard buttons on the listing page once you start an update. Using "Resume", you can go back to working on the update, while you can use "Discard" to start afresh. Once you submit the update, depending on the changes, it will either be updated immediately or be sent for Review.

If your book is "Pending Review", you can click on the "Cancel Review" button to cancel the review request. Then select "Resume" to make additional changes or click on the "Discard" button to discard all changes made, including the ones which put your eBook in review in the first place.