The Future Transportation

by C Prabhakar (write a review)
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Description of "U-Craft"

This book attempts to bring complete explanation for construction and working of U-Craft. U-Craft is a transport vehicle to move in all modes of transportation such as on land, water, air and outer space by fitting with a centrifugal mechanism which enables it to do so. This book also contains details about the other modes of transportations explained briefly in each of the respective chapters. This book explains how we can combine all other modes of transportation into a single one. In this age of huge vehicular traffic, time consuming and wasting large fuels, this new method of flying will not only ease the vehicular traffic but also may give a new experience of flying in various different layers, which may be one above the other, from a low altitudes just a few feet above the ground to even far off skies. There are different models of U-Craft given to suit the various needs based on different body shapes and type of power supplied. Few chapters also included on the brief introduction of materials, fuel properties and energy conversion methods required to make more efficient, suitable and best adaptable for U-Craft. This kind of transportation does not need any kind of infrastructure like roadways, railways or any other runways. It can ply on the road as any other vehicles if fitted with free wheels, as well as lift up vertically and fly in the air. It can also take off and land vertically on the existing roads at any places. The above model of U-Craft can be simply powered by current existing combustion fuels. But in order to move in the water just as any other water bodies or lift up and fly from water or to go even to other planets we need a different model of U-Craft powered by suitable fuels to work in an airless alien atmosphere or facilitate current existing fuels to do so to impart rotary motions to prime mover which develops centrifugal forces. In other words the fuels should be self contained without any suctions and emissions to the atmosphere and still can develop centrifugal forces by rotation just like any other nuclear powered steam driven turbine vehicles. Nuclear powered steam driven U-Craft or any other similar types are fit to move on anywhere from land, water, air to outer space. Hence it is going to be one of the most versatile modes of transportation. Hence it is named as Universal Craft briefly written as U-Craft. Hence U-Craft can be considered as most promising Future transportation.

About the author(s)

C Prabhakar has qualifications in Management, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Alternative Medicines and Astrology. He has a flair for research and hence interested in bringing innovative and creative ideas in all branches of science and technology. His works were on Gravity, Light, Spectra, Quantum mechanics, Black holes and Heat. Also Authored a book on Gravity titled “Gravity-Paradigm Shift in Perception”. Here is an attempt to bring a book about the new method of flying using centrifugal forces titled “U-Craft” to make every one’s dream of flying a reality.

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