Lessons in Spiritual Economics from the Bhagavad-gita

Lessons in Spiritual Economics from the Bhagavad-gita

Understanding and Solving the Economic Problem

by Dhanesvara Das (write a review)
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Description of "Lessons in Spiritual Economics from the Bhagavad-gita"

"Spiritual Economics" is a cross-disciplinary study combining psychology, economics and the spiritual science of the Vedas to explain why there is vulture capitalism, cut-throat competition, unending economic hardship, exploitation, inequity, and struggle in this world. "Spiritual Economics" explains the origin and solution of our ecological problems. "Spiritual Economics" explains why the present economic methods can do nothing to solve these problems, reveals the actual source of our economic problems, and explains the only factual solution that can create an economy that serves everyone. "Spiritual Economics" explains the actual source of our economic problems and how to solve them, once and for all.

Economics is not a physical science like electromagnetism that works according to natural laws. It is a set of ideas entirely created by human beings. The most important side of the economic equation therefore, is the human side, but this side is totally neglected in almost all discussions of economics. Since economics is a man-made creation, if we want to understand the economic problem and its solution we must understand how and why human beings act in this world. That will give us the insight needed to properly adjust all of the parameters of the economic calculus to get the desired result. Only "Spiritual Economics" explains the whys and wherefores of human behavior in relationship to their economic activity.

The economic problem can be solved for the benefit of everyone, but it will require something from the people, not just the leaders. The process will not only solve the economic problem, but the environmental problem, the social problems, and many of the other problems as well. The only question remaining is: will you participate in the solution or remain part of the problem?

About the author(s)

Dhanesvara Das is an American yogi, spiritual teacher, social healer, and social economist. He teaches the practice of "Spiritual Economics" as a way life to solve the economic and spiritual problem for everyone. He formerly worked as a securities broker and licensed securities principal, at which time the concepts of Spiritual Economics were born. Now, as a Vaishnava renunciate in the vanaprastha order, Dhanesvara lives, writes and teaches in Eastern Europe, and he speaks frequently throughout the countries of Europe, the former Soviet Union and India. The primary focus of his activity is the creation of a New Spiritual World Order based on the transcendental Vedic culture. He is the founder and spiritual guide of the "Gitagrad" family of eco-spiritual communities, functioning on the basis of Bhagavad-gita and Spiritual Economics. He is also founder of the Abhideya Cultural Academy, and the founder of Partners-for-Life, an association of people working together to establish a New Spiritual World Order.

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