Pathyapathya Sangrah
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Description of "Pathyapathya Sangrah"

The Pathya is very important factor in process of treating the disease. If you follow Pathya then there is no need of medicine and if you don‟t follow Pathya, hundreds of medicine are in vein. The Pathya is Ayurveda is a specific diet prescribed during drug therapy based on principles that drug action is influenced by dietary components. One of such MSS is Pathya Pathyasangraha i.e. PAS. Pathya means “to be followed‟, Apathya means “not to followed‟. Pathya is good for Patha i.e. Strotas of our body. It involves the restriction of etiological factors and similar things having same qualities called Guna. Apathya is of exactly opposite meaning i.e. consumption of things that are of opposite qualities to diseases and restriction of the things having similar qualities to that of diseases and etiological factors. As per its name the MSS PAS describes Pathy-Apathya and treatment principles for various diseases in independent chapters. The MSS belongs to 16th century and hence it was interesting to know disease wise Pathy-Apathya provide us new food items which are not mentioned in Brihattrayee . The analysis was helpful to focus light on the status of Ayurvedic way of thinking in 16th century. Hence the critical study of MSS PAS was completed aim To study manuscript “Pathyapathyasangraha”(PAS) (source – MSS found in manuscript library Anandashram, Appa Balwant Chowk, Pune)

About the author(s)

Dr Sudhir V. Patil,, MD,(Samhita Siddhant), THO, Kalwan Taluka, Nashik.
Dr. Mohan R Joshi,, MD (Samhita), MBA(Mrkt), Prof and HOD, Samhita Siddhant Department, Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune

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