The Real You

The Real You

by Dr.Sudipta Rath (write a review)
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Genre: Self-Improvement
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Description of "The Real You"

This book is dedicated to you. You are my inspiration, you are my path founders who have encouraged and motivated me to produce this book. During the course of my journey in the development Sector I have got an opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life having amazing experiences. I found many happy faces among the so called less privileged or the downtrodden sections with whom I have dedicated all my professional life till date. I wonder, how these people are so happy and always in a jolly and festive mood, whereas we the team of social workers have come here to serve for them because they have been always living in scarcity? Of course they lack education, they lack money, they lack health, but they know How to live a Life and this is their Richness. I have learnt a lot from them and being a social scientist, I always try to internalize the feelings, the realizations, the social and the psychological mindset of people. This helps me a lot to evolve myself, to change and to adapt to different circumstances and things around us.
This book is the outcome of my practical learning experiences dealing with human beings from different dimensions from the grassroots to the elites. Sometimes it is very vital to explore within ourselves rather than exploring the surroundings.
As a human being, sometimes we find ourselves lost and suppressed by the normal routine job that the society demands from us. In this process The Real You is lost. You may shake your head and come up with excuses such as "no time," "no money," "family responsibilities," etc. And gradually the goals stopped and dreams dead in their tracks. Instead of using these as excuses, start planning around the hurdles in your life. Start planning what you really want to do and investigating what needs to be done to get you to that point. Discover yourself who you are.
I hope, the book will help in discovering the Real You unfolding everything hidden, covered up, locked and suppressed.
Enjoy the Journey and Live a Happy Lifeā€¦

About the author(s)

Dr. Sudipta Rath is a Social Development Consultant and Personal Development Trainer. Dr. Sudipta began her journey in the Development sector as a Social worker in 1997 and worked for the less privileged sections, indigenous communities, slum dwellers, students & youths in bringing qualitative changes in their lives. Dr. Sudipta Rath is the Founder of 'Discover Yourself'. Discover yourself started as an initiative to help people to introspect their internal power, who they are and to add a meaning and value to the life. It guides people from various dynamics to live a life purposefully through different write ups, personal mentoring, training, individual counseling. It is a mission to take people towards a world of happiness, peace and ecstasy overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, anger and all negativity to a complete life of Abundance.
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Discover Yourself
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