The Hot Globe (eBook)

The Hot Globe (eBook)

by Abhay S.D. Rajput (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
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Description of "The Hot Globe (eBook)"

The Hot Globe is an anthology of poems on global warming and climate change. The author, Abhay S.D. Rajput, has taken the initiative to popularize science through poetry. Science communication through poetry can be a novel way of taking science down to the masses. The Hot Globe is a sincere effort in this direction. Touching the various issues related to global warming and climate change, the book is an expression of the author’s strong feelings and views on the subjects covered. The poems are written is simple, exciting and impressive style to motivate and inspire the reader to learn more about global warming, climate change and the environment and to take appropriate steps for mitigating the ill-effects of global warming and climate change so that the Earth can become a lively home to the varied species. Just go through the poems in The Hot Globe and you will feel moved by the touching presentation of the hot issues.

The main essence of the poems in this anthology is motivation and inspiration to save the planet Earth from global warming and climate change. These poems are a must read for anyone interested in exploring the new genre of ‘science communication through poetry’ and those who care for their mother Earth.

Science communicators should go through The Hot Globe and get benefitted from this expressive genre of science communication. This anthology offers powerful expressions and exchange of knowledge which are sure to make the reader seriously think about and adopt in saving the Earth from global warming and climate change.

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Abhay S.D. Rajput
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