The Art of Calligraphy (eBook)

The Art of Calligraphy (eBook)

by Anna Banasiak (write a review)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction, Poetry
Language: English
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Description of "The Art of Calligraphy (eBook)"

Anna Banasiak’s poetry has caught the eye for its subtle and exquisite imagery and is a talent we hopefully will get to know more of in the coming years ahead. William Willis

Very descriptive poem. A great metaphor, the soul and the birds both soaring with the rising sun. Beautiful! Betty Janko

This is sublime. The two different worlds that merge at sunrise and the difference it means to life, all life really. William Willis

Lovely imagery in this uplifting and beautiful poem. Nishu Mathur

Anna Banasiak’s poetry is very deep and full of soul. Betty Janko

This is beautiful and very moving to read. Lovely, wistful work. Nishu Mathur

We love Your poetry, Japan Universal Poets Association, Mariko Sumikura

The poem “The Art of Flying” was “the poem of the day” on Poemhunter, the poem “Varanasi” was “the poem of the month” on Poetbay.com. The poem “Varanasi” has been published in the prestigious anthology “Universal Oneness” in India and “Contemporary Writers of Poland” in New York. The poem “Dream” has been published in the prestigious anthology “In the Honour of the Artist”. The poem “Dream” was “trending” on Hello Poetry. Most of the poems have been bookmarked and applauded.

About the author(s)

I'm a poet and occupational therapist. I studied Polish philology, culture studies and occupational therapy. My poems have been published in New York,London,Surrey,Australia,Canada,India,Africa,Japan,China,Israel.I'm the winner of poetry competitions in London,Berlin,Bratislava. I'm the winner of poetry competitions on Poems and Quotes. I'm the winner of gold,silver,bronze medal on All Poetry. I’m the winner in All about Love Challenge. I published a book for children, book of poems "Duet of Waves" in English and Japanese co-authored with Yoshimasa Kanou and "Duet of Tears" co-authored with Noriko Nagaoka. My book “lull me lull” has been published in English, Polish, Hebrew and Japanese. My book “The Art of Calligraphy” has been published in English, Hebrew and German. I belong to Japan Universal Poets Association, Kamena Literary Foundation and Let’s Try Poetry Together. I'm interested in art, art therapy, poetrytherapy and psychology.

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