Reasonable Doubts (eBook)

Reasonable Doubts (eBook)

The Begining Of A New End

by Charles Hetfield (write a review)
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Genre: Poetry
Language: English
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Description of "Reasonable Doubts (eBook)"

This book is an effort to write the emotions most commonly experienced in love. The entire collection has a strong sense of feeling nostalgiac in love.
There are few other poem which have a strong sense of alienness and the felling of being lost in time.
All in all, the entire collection will provide the sense of a heart struck in its own thoughts and not caring about the others.

About the author(s)

Charles Hetfield: I'm 21 years old and this is my effort at writing a poetic collection. I'm rather much busy with my education and i do not get a lot of time to write.
Any chance that i get to write, i try writing some lines which often do not make sense. But on a particular day, i collect all those lines in one verse and make some sense of them.
It rather gives a feeling of creating something out of nothing. most importantly, it's my first effort so i do believe there would be a lot of childish sense about the book. I'm not even trying to do anything with the book but only to get a sense what does it takes to write a collection.
I havealways wrote poems in pieces and never have written them in collection so i seriously don't have any idea how it will come out.
But i do wish it does a little bit justice to my ability and give me enough confidence to make it a profession.

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