human beings OR spiritual beings

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Description of "WHITE COLLAR YOGIs (eBook)"

WHITE COLLAR YOGIs is a non-fiction work by the India based author Chetan Jaiman.
Under the context of the contemporary times where issues such as stress, ill health, failing relationships and fading humanity standards are taking the leap over the globe, the book WHITE COLLAR YOGIs presents a modern and pragmatic outlook on the importance of adopting meditation and spirituality as a part of our lifestyle.
Commencing with the much popular concept of law of attraction, author has touched many other significant cosmic laws such as law of mentalism, vibrations, polarity and much more explaining their in-depth roles and functionality. The book in its flow establishes meditation as a non-judgmental TOOL to empty our preoccupied minds with irrelevant events of past and future. The book also widely talks about myths around spirituality and meditation which holds back many people in adopting these vital practices as a part of their life.
Further on the way to decode meditation in the most simplistic form, author has comprehensively explained the dynamics of seven energy centers of the body (chakras) separately. Every section of chakras entails the overall working and profound impact of meditation in their cleansing process. The book has in-depth insights and knowledge about the dynamics of Pineal gland and its role in the spiritual journey of a person. Author has also given heavy importance to the diminishing standards of health and fitness, linking the same with the expansion process of human consciousness.
The last section of the book titled as ‘Ways to expand your consciousnesses’ profoundly explains certain ways which are directly related with the holistic growth of a person. Under this section, synchronicities happens an intriguing topic of the book, explaining the interlinking of universe dynamics and how it impacts our psyche and daily life behavior.
Main highlights of the book –
 Comprehensive demystification of the seven energy chakras present in the human body
 Simplified explanation of Law of attraction and other significant cosmic laws
 Role of meditation in improvising each chakra
 Importance of food for the pineal gland
 Myths around meditation and spirituality
 Mindful meditation
 Decoding the third eye (Ajna Chakra)
 Purpose of life and passion
 Synchronicities and associated numerology
 Ways to expand the human consciousness
 Significance of travel and other consciousness variables

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