The Great Game (eBook)

The Great Game (eBook)

by Dr. Amit Abraham (write a review)
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Genre: Mystery & Crime
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Description of "The Great Game (eBook)"

The World War II has ended and I find myself in Tokyo with an impelling desire to kill General Hedetsugu Yagi an army personnel and Jaika his wife. I do not know why I want to kill them because my memory has failed me. Killing them and accidentally discovering a microfilm in their possession I am helped by Della, a KGB agent to escape to Moscow. I soon realize that my life is in danger because of the microfilm I possess. Escaping from the KGB I go to New York and rent a house. Here I am located and shot at. The microfilm goes missing and I am admitted into a hospital where I see a Japanese woman. She appears familiar and the urge to kill her drives me to do the same. Soon after a compelling urge makes me come to India and on reaching, find my grandfather dead. A partial recall comes to me and I remember that my grandparents were doctors serving the poor community in the village. My father had been killed before I was born and my German mother, who was an orphan, leaving me had gone to Berlin to attend to her ailing brother. This was all I could recall and decided to go back to Moscow and learn more about my past from Della. In Moscow Della tells me that the microfilm contained information about the mind control techniques, which the Americans were developing, and she had hypnotized me to procure it but the tables turned and I ended up killing Hedetsugu Yagi and Jaika, the persons who had procured it from the research center after a high drama. Della requests me to locate and assassinate Britney Charles who had double-crossed the KGB and was preparing an archive to expose the corrupt system. Her whereabouts were not known but finally I manage to locate her in Westminster and assassinated her. I then discover that she was not Britney but Roma who after enduring hardships during the Nazi regime and teaming up with her sex-spy friend Maayan was preparing the archives in the name of Britney, an agent who had long disappeared. Maayan wanted to use the archive for earning political mileage and to assure her safety had circulated Roma’s photograph identifying her as Britney. This confusion resulted in Roma’s assassination by me. I landed up in prison with a total awakening of my memories. I recalled having joined the Navajo Code Talkers and marrying Ayuka my Jujutsu trainer who was Japanese. Ayuka’s sister was married to General Hedetsugu Yagi who was serving in the Japanese Imperial army. I was captured during the battle at Iwo Jima, put on the hell ship, and tortured by Yagi for decoding the Navajo codes. He took no mercy even though I was related to him. Meanwhile the atomic bombings occurred and like many others, I had passed through trauma. This trauma of mine had resulted in persecution phobia, finally leading to the loss of my memory. The memory surely returned but not before the great game was over. I had ended up killing the source of my existence and discovered that my unconscious vengeance had led me to persecute my very own people. I had killed my own and many others and now left with only their memories.

About the author(s)

Dr. Amit Abraham is associate professor and head of the postgraduate department of psychology at St. John's College, Agra. He is teaching graduate and postgraduate classes along with supervision of research work. He is actively involved in various offbeat research works related with the human psyche. He did his schooling from St. Joseph’s College, Nainital and his post graduation in psychology from the Delhi University. His Ph.D. is in the area of personality as determined and influenced by the Zodiac signs of individuals. He has been the Coordinator of the National Commission For Minority Educational Institutions, New Delhi (Under the ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi) for three consecutive terms (2006- 2008). He is also the Recipient of the 'U.P. Shikshak Saman' for the year 2006 awarded by Bright Organization For Youth, Agra.
Dr. Abraham has done extensive work on human sexuality and sexual attitudes. He has developed scales for the measurement of attitudes towards premarital sex, polygamy, pornography, lesbianism, and homosexuality. He has also developed scales for the measurement of values and vocational interest. He has published research papers in diverse areas. He has authored textbooks and books for competitive examinations. He has authored many books on general interest and self-help, which are published by leading Indian publishers and marketed internationally. He has contributed many articles in magazines and newspapers. He also regularly appears on television talk shows in the local state media as a psychological consultant.
He is also the founder and head of Samvaidna, a mental health welfare organization registered under the Societies Registration Act. His organization provides free guidance, counseling, and therapy for various psychological problems. Dr. Abraham is also actively involved in offering psychological guidance and counseling via the internet to people.

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Dr. Amit Abraham
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