drunken mystic lost in eternity (eBook)

drunken mystic lost in eternity (eBook)

by drunken mystic (1 review, add another)
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Genre: Poetry
Language: English
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Description of "drunken mystic lost in eternity (eBook)"

lost in eternity.. is a collection of poems ranging from the authors discovery of consciousness - which is universally expressive through myriad finite forms, including the formless which embraces all, including the minutest particle floating in the infinite bosom.

For e.g., this particular verse -
"As I have no form now, I will be recreated;
into unknown new shapes, colours and forms distorted.
the 'I' in me has faded, and passed on, to a distant land," -
contains an expression, of the consciousness, of the experience of life, and death, which continues to bother us, teach us, and evolve us through magnitudes of varying dimensions of creativity.

About the author(s)

drunken mystic, born in, Jamshedpur, lived mostly in, Chennai, currently residing in, Bangalore, keeps traveling mostly around South India, and back to his hometown. He has had a fair stint with Chennai theatre, performing in English. Although he realized poetry skills in his teenage, has starting delving into the depth of creative expression, soon after he had an experience of the universal force, awakening within - only to open his eyes to look into the expressions of the consciousness breathing life, smiling, suffering, enjoying, blossoming, nurturing compassion and love through infinite beings, living and non-living!, - a visible omnipotence, which remains hidden behind our veil of ignorance.

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