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Dusé Mohamed Ali (Bey Effendi), (21 November 1866 - 25 June 1945) (دوسي محمد علي), was an African nationalist. Note* Bey (Moorish:Used by the Moors بك, Beg, Beğ) is a title for chieftain/ Moorish Chief, traditionally applied to the leaders of small tribal groups. (See Almohades and Almoravides)
The word “Bey” means “Rabb” (Arabic) or Lord. Beys ruled provinces which were called “beyliks”.
Ali was also an actor, historian, journalist, editor, lecturer, traveller, publisher, and founder of the Comet Press Ltd, and The Comet newspaper in Nigeria.

Duse Ali’s Early life
He was born in Alexandria, Egypt (Kemet). His father, Abdul Salim Ali, was an Officer in the Egyptian Army and died in active service at the battle of Tel-el-Kiber Egypt, in the year 1882. His mother was Sudanese.

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Faheem Judah-EL D.D. author, meta-physician, world traveler, owner of Axum Publications. Faheem Judah-EL is an innovative thinker and teacher; he is a world traveler, spiritual teacher, metaphysician, writer, publisher, researcher, and meditation guide. Faheem has studied many spiritual disciplines such as The Egiptian Mysteries, The Greater Mysteries, Christianity, The Lesser Mysteries, The Ethiopian Mysteries, Metaphysics, Arabic, Hebrew, Sumerian Theology, Natural Health, The Dogon Mystery Tradition, Sufi Traditions, The Medu Neter, Kundilini Chakra System, Life of Christ-Heru. He has written and published many books on spiritual concepts. Mr. Judah-EL has traveled to many parts of the world such as: Ethiopia, Egipt, Mecca, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and many Native American Mound Centers of North America. As a meditation Guide he has helped many people learn how to reduce stress and develop the spiritual man within.

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