Podwarp (eBook)

Podwarp (eBook)

by Gil Hardwick (write a review)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
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Description of "Podwarp (eBook)"

The three-part Podwarp series is a coming-of-age story initially set in a great techno-dystopian city called The Pod.

Enclosed in an energy shield, it protects its podling inhabitants from the rough outside life of gauchos who work to feed the place.

One podling boy, solxv98fg6, learns to turn his brain implant down and assert his own thoughts. He forgets to log into the System and the Pod thinks he’s been processed.

Head gaucho, Henri Babineau, finds him lost, disoriented and confused, trailing him through the city. He decides the best thing to do is smuggle the boy out to his home village through the warp gate.

Once outside he changes the world.

About the author(s)

As an anthropologist, novelist and writer Gil Hardwick is a gifted and imaginative author. Over many years working as a field ethnographer in the vast Australian inland he has met real characters and had real-life adventures, bringing his personalities and his plots to vibrant life. Writing from life, he neither shies away from real social issues and at times confronting dilemmas.

Well worth reading.

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