Indian Sensibility (eBook)

Indian Sensibility (eBook)

Poetry with themes drawn from the Indian context, the Indian cultural conscious

by A.J.Rao (write a review)
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Description of "Indian Sensibility (eBook)"

Poetry is a product of an exquisite sensibility which is roughly equivalent to the ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional or aesthetic influences; sensitivity to sensory stimuli,etc. The question often asked is if there is a sensibility unique to a particular country or its people , directly flowing from the cultural consciousness of its people.Here we are not talking merely about the poet's own sensibility ,his own sensitivity to the influences around him . The sensibility also relates to the people who form his milieu from which he operates. Thus , an Indian poet writing in an alien tongue will draw from his own cultural conscious and incorporate in his vision the complex aesthetic influences working on him and manage to produce a body of poetical work that relates to his people more than to the Western audiences using their language in a manner that may sound quixotic to them.Nevertheless such work will still have some appeal to the global audience because the English that results is a unique creation of Western expression with Indian flavor, The myths that form the stuff of poetry may have been born in the Indian soil but the memes, defined as units of cultural expression will always have something in them to appeal to a much larger audience.

The physical environs are unique to the landscape around the poet.Thus we do not have daffodils in India for a Bloomsbury poet to write poems about. But we have our own sensory influences to work upon. Essentially poetry remains a universal experience that can be enjoyed and appreciated by audiences anywhere in the world.

About the author(s)

Adukuri Jagannath Rao is a retired banker who lives in Hyderabad,India. His web presence can be found at http://creativeimages.posterous.com , http://soundarya.wordpress.com, http://soundaryalahari.wordpress.com.His poems have been published in a few international magazines.

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