Lux 1.3 Alliance (Lux Series) (eBook)

Lux 1.3 Alliance (Lux Series) (eBook)

by Jalex Hansen (write a review)
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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teens
Language: English
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Description of "Lux 1.3 Alliance (Lux Series) (eBook)"

Alliance is the third book in the Lux series.

As Angine ascends to power, the Lux and the underground resistance draw together, forming alliances both personal and military.
Books 1-4, and the Lux Omnibus Volume 1, containing Seeds, Call to Arms, and Alliance are now available from Pothi.com

About the author(s)

Jalex Hansen has an affinity for creating stories of rebellion, challenges and self-discovery. She believes that, in a perfect world, everyone would have a voice and writing would be the ultimate weapon. Jalex has been known to engage in lightsaber fights and airsoft wars. She is inspired by strong women, unsung heroes, and large amounts of ice cream. Sometimes she writes.


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