The Interface (eBook)

The Interface (eBook)

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Genre: Horror
Language: English
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Description of "The Interface (eBook)"

“As the jet began its descent at JFK International Airport in the spring of 1997, Jay looked out of the window. It was just after sunset and his heart pounded as he soaked in the dusky silhouette of New York's skyline with a mixture of awe and apprehension. The announcement from the cockpit “We have landed at JFK International Airport— The temperature outside is 42 degrees Fahrenheit...” reverberated like a distant cacophony as ‘screen memories’ appeared and disappeared in his mind’s eye-- in the few minutes while the plane taxied, bits and pieces of his life hitherto, flashed back at the speed of light.”

In the next two decades, Jay’s life would odyssey through his American dream and frightful nightmares as he encounters love, sex, success, trauma, death, rebirth and the paranormal. His undying love for Nina will compel him to explore new horizons of knowledge and venture into the realm of metaphysics and ‘life after death’ in his quest to communicate with the departed souls, in binary language using the websites of dead persons as the Interface…

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