The Story of an Ordinary Boy (eBook)

The Story of an Ordinary Boy (eBook)

by Karun Kris (write a review)
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Description of "The Story of an Ordinary Boy (eBook)"

The boy already knew that his life was somewhat different, and rather boring. There was not much for him to do besides wandering around and talking to strangers.

The protagonist, a teenage boy, realises that he underestimated his somewhat different life. The incident at the park exposes him to a new side of the world thus changing his life forever.

Or does it really?
Is the boy even aware that his life has changed?

This is a story that covers a small part about the life of an ordinary teenage boy.

About the author(s)

Karun Krishnan, who writes under the name 'Karun Kris', was born and raised in Kerala, India. He began writing at age 14 when he suddenly got an idea for a story. This idea consumed him, making him write everyday and expanding his story. At age 15 he self-published his first book. From there on, he began writing more and more.

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