Yesterday Once More... (eBook)

Yesterday Once More... (eBook)

by Katherine Abraham (1 review, add another)
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Description of "Yesterday Once More... (eBook)"

Lucky is the man who falls in love, brave is the man who confesses it, but blessed is he who ensures that his first love is his last….
A novella on re- discovering life, love and the mystery behind love's silence....

About the author(s)

Katherine Abraham is a debutante writer who has completed her Masters in English Literature from University of Madras and has recently finished her studies in Law from the University of .Pune She is an avid reader and blogger. She has keen interest in Literature, Music and Theology

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Reviews of "Yesterday Once More... (eBook)"
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Re: Yesterday Once More... (e-book) by Rianna Richards
18 August 2013 - 4:56am

A love story and brilliantly written book. It is a very interesting story of love and romance in its purest form. I absolutely love this book. Rianna Richards (Seattle, U.S.A.).

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