Silent thunder (eBook)

Silent thunder (eBook)

"Self" a scientific perspective

by A.Krishna Murthy (write a review)
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Genre: Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Description of "Silent thunder (eBook)"

This book discusses the eternal scriptural statementthat"Brahman alone is true, the phenomenal world is a mirrage and ever changing"from a scientific perspective in the background of Cosmology and Quantum field theories.
"There is no other"Vedanta says. Whatever is IS NOTHING BUT BRAHMAN.

About the author(s)

The author is a a post graduate in Applied Geology, from" The Indian Institute of Technology" Kharagpur. He retired as a Director in the Geological Survey of IndiaHe was fortunate to receive divine grace from Sri Kamili Baba, a suffi mystic and blessings from Somanatha Maharshi, Swamy Chinmayananada and Swamy Ranaganadhananada.

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Institute of scientific Researchon Vedas(I-SERVE)
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