How To Break The Ice (eBook)

How To Break The Ice (eBook)

How to convers with women even if it is difficult for you!

by Marcelle Leblang (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Self-Improvement, Sex & Relationships
Language: English
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Description of "How To Break The Ice (eBook)"

The ebook - How to break the ice - is targeting men but obviously women can also benifit fom this extremly informative work.
Learn to develop and use techniques and strategies to speak to your dream women everywhere and anytime – see how easy it can be if you know how be released of loneliness and finally stop being solo.Discover the forces which are preventing you from speaking to your dream woman. Make yourself comfortable and make sure you have a pencil and paper. The task requires you to reflect on yourself. Look into yourself and consider. Ask yourself the question “Actually why do I not feel confident to speak to women?” and “Which forces are preventing me?”

About the author(s)

Marcelle Leblang is my pen name - I do write about problems and how they can be overcome .Presently I am living in India .

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