C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse (eBook)

C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse (eBook)

An easy to use guide on Using Eclipse for C/C++ Software Development

by Meera Ghumalia, Purnank (2 reviews, add another)
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Description of "C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse (eBook)"

An easy to use guide for all the beginners and experts in C/C++ trying to make their way into the Eclipse IDE. A whole new practical approach to get familiar with the Best IDE Ever.

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About the author(s)

[[Meera]] From her experience both as a teacher and working for the Software industry, Meera brings a unique blend of imparting knowledge and learn technical details practical to Software Developers. When not busy enjoying life with her sweet daughter Dehlia, she studies new trends and developments in Software Engineering to closely monitor Software Engineering landscape at the horizon. She microblogs to her twitter stream @LeanReligion and blog.dehlia.in

[[Purnank]] Purnank was first introduced to Eclipse based IDE in 2003 with IBM(R) Websphere(TM). The early fascination and a gradual influence of a plethora of Eclipse based plugins convinced him more than a Swiss knife for software is finally available. With ever increasing functionality of C/C++ Development Tooling within Eclipse, he though it is the right time to introduce a majority of C/C++ developers what they are missing and started working on this book with his wife, Meera.

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Meera Ghumalia
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Re: C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse by dcomer
10 November 2011 - 9:34pm

If you are just starting with Eclipse this is a great book to begin with. I have been using eclipse off and on for about a year now, and have always wondered why there isn't a better book for C/C++ developersfor Eclipse. I no longer wonderas this book is perfect for my needs. Doug Abbott's, "Embedded Linux Development Using Eclipse" is a close second only because this book is more up-to-date, less expensive, and contains clear step-by-step instructions for the beginner. That said, the book has some great nuggets of information on how to use some of the less understood features of Eclipse such as remote compiling. For the price of this book, you can't lose. Most people throw away more money in a morning trip to the local Java house than the cost of this book. The author has done a supurb job and continues to enhance to book.

Re: C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse by abusufe
18 October 2010 - 3:57am

Hi Everyone

Meera did this miracle.Get the stone be the winner.I like to say her go ahead be the pathfinder of the winner.

The book is best practice for beginners as well as master.


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