"मरो मेरे साथ!" (eBook)

"मरो मेरे साथ!" (eBook)

Revenge of a Dead-Psycho

by Mohit Sharma "Trendster", मोहित शर्मा (ज़हन) (2 reviews, add another)
Type: e-book
Genre: Drama/Play, Horror
Language: Hindi
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Description of ""मरो मेरे साथ!" (eBook)"

क्या आत्मायें प्रतिशोध मे किसी विक्षिप्त की तरह बर्ताव कर सकती है? क्या आप आत्माओ को पागल कह सकते है?...शायद हाँ!

बांधव गाँव मे घूम रही है एक अतृप्त, पागल आत्मा जो मरने के बाद चाहती है अपनी मौत का बदला पर जो दोषी नहीं है उनसे कैसा बदला? वो देना चाहती है एक संदेश की "कभी किसी काम मे किसी का साथ मत दो और अगर दो तो...मरो मेरे साथ!"

About the author(s)

Mohit Sharma is a research student, social activist & freelance writer/poet currently pursuing MBA (Energy) from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun. He has published articles, poems, stories & comics in various publications. For more info about the author & his works visit following web-links. - *) - Mohit Sharma (Trendster) on about.me
*) - Official Blog : Mohitness {मोहितपन} *) - Mohit's Yasni Database

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Reviews of ""मरो मेरे साथ!" (eBook)"
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Disgusting Story by worldwide
15 May 2015 - 5:11pm

How Disgusting! Murder, Death, Ghost and so on... I am unable to understand what message author of this book wanted to convey. I deleted this book from my computer soon after first read.

Re: "मरो मेरे साथ!" by trendster
10 October 2011 - 8:07pm

News never before scenes like widow and pahalwans, Postmortem, Baba Sheelnath trap, Death of Village Surpanch's (Head) son and pregnant daughter in law. Dialogues of Pyscho-Ghost are teasing, taunting. Narration is dominant and hence opens the scope of bigger screenplay/drama if dialogues replace narration. Medium pace and smooth flow of story. Scope of improvement is there. I enjoyed writing this horror story. Personally, one of the best characterization (Susheel) & story treatment.

Remember, it's free and I am waiting for your feedback, reviews.

- Mohit Sharma "Trendster"/मोहित शर्मा (ज़हन)

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