Flight 297 (eBook)
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Description of "Flight 297 (eBook)"

India-1980s : A Domestic Passenger Aeroplane "Flight 297" disappears with 172 on board due to casual approach by Air Traffic Controller, Dinesh. Officials believed that the missing flight almost certainly crashed. Amid increasing public pressure Dinesh is going back to his country Fiji. Have a happy & safe journey, Dinesh! First Community Comic Project by Freelance Talents from few Online Comic Forums & websites. The fiction idea and random name finalized in the year 2007 (Raj Comics Forums) and has no relation with "Flight 297-Atlanta to Houston Incident (Year 2009)"

About the author(s)

Mohit Sharma is a research student, social activist & freelance writer/poet currently pursuing MBA (Energy) from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun. He has published articles, poems, stories & comics in various publications. For more info about the author & his works visit following web-links.

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Re: Flight 297 by trendster
16 September 2011 - 8:32pm

First of all the rating is somewhere between 3-4/5 (closer to 3) but this is my comic. :p

A new story idea, honest efforts by newbies. :) There are few issues like less number of pages for a horror plot, art is not uniform because of 3 artists, pixels, etc but overall, the product is good. Happy to see so many downloads and hits the comic is getting. Next time, you will get a much better product. Pakka! :)

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